I’m writing a book!

The other day I decided I was going to write a book. I know the process and the journey will light the way. I will document the process here.

The realization came to me organically a few days ago. Everything is a combination of all that I’ve learned in the sequences that I’ve learned them, that’s brought me to this place right now. I know that I have something to share that may help point the way for the reader to serve.

This project has great potential. The book can grow a community. There can be workshops, a workbook, journal, podcasts, and lectures. This project engages many of my strengths: Strategy, Learner, Acheiver, Maximizer, and Positivity.

The first step was the topic which had to be the integration of my passions: mindfulness, leadership, and coaching. The next step was the structure so that the sections could have a cohesive structure and upward momentum. The upward spiral.